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SNICKA presents Biggie Blendz (As heard on Hot 97, As seen on,, and SCRATCH magazine)

So I got my hands on a few acapellas from the late great Notorious B.I.G. Went in the lab and blended them with some of the hottest beats out right now. Ever wonder what Biggie would like over a Kanye track? Biggie on some Reggaeton??

I got BIG rhymin over beats from Dr. Dre, Just Blaze, Lil Jon, The Neptunes, Timbaland,  Mannie Fresh, Eminem and more.

I jacked beats from everyone from Fabolous to The Game, N.O.R.E. to Ciara, Fat Joe to Juvenile to 50 Cent & G-Unit.......and many others.

Plus I'm hittin you off with 12 bonus tracks of Biggie in Concert Live In London.

The Ultimate Biggie Mixtape. How you like dat!?!?!

UPDATE: Mr. Cee (Biggie's former DJ and close friend) has given his stamp of approval on Biggie Blendz. Click here to listen

[Click here to listen some snippets of Biggie Blendz]

[Check out clips from Mr. Cee playing SNICKA's Blendz on Hot 97]

[Check out the press Biggie Blendz has been receiving]


  1. Mr. Cee Intro
  2. Come On [SNICKA Blend]
  3. Hypnotize [SNICKA Blend]
  4. Who Shot Ya? [SNICKA Blend]
  5. Dead Wrong [SNICKA Blend]
  6. Warning [SNICKA Blend]
  7. Think Big [SNICKA Blend]
  8. 10 Crack Commandments [SNICKA Blend]
  9. Would You Die For Me? [SNICKA Blend]
  10. Cars & Sex [SNICKA Blend]
  11. Venue [SNICKA Blend]
  12. One More Chance [SNICKA Blend]
  13. F@ckin You Tonight [SNICKA Blend]
  14. Why You Tryin To Play Me? [SNICKA Blend]
  15. Everyday Struggle [SNICKA Blend]
  16. Party N Bullshit [SNICKA Blend]
  17. N!ggaz [SNICKA Blend]
  18. Notorious [SNICKA Blend]
  19. Nasty Boy [SNICKA Original Remix]
  20. Mr. Cee Outro
  21. Real Love [Live In London Bonus Track]
  22. Dolly My Baby [Live In London Bonus Track]
  23. Warning [Live In London Bonus Track]
  24. Puff Interlude [Live In London Bonus Track]
  25. Gimme The Loot [Live In London Bonus Track]
  26. Me & My B!tch [Live In London Bonus Track]
  27. Crowd Participation Interlude [Live In London Bonus Track]
  28. Juicy [Live In London Bonus Track]
  29. Machine Gun Funk [Live In London Bonus Track]
  30. Big Poppa [Live In London Bonus Track]
  31. Respect [Live In London Bonus Track]
  32. Party & Bullshit [Live In London Bonus Track]

    SNICKA presents Biggie Blendz as seen on Mixtape Mondays
    as heard on Hot 97, Mr. Cee, DJ Enuff


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