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10/22/07 - From now on, check the new blog at





10/15/07 - Get ready for some more Jay Z overload:

10/11/07 - Jay Z - Blue Magic Video in A/V

10/10/07 - Jay Z - Roc Boys

Check out the lyrics and the making of

9/25/07 - Blue Magic.......2 Hours 45 Minutes, 53 Tracks, Download Only Mixtape....It's A MONSTER!!

9/20/07 - Jay Z - Blue Magic [Radio Rip]

NY Times Article: For Jay-Z, Inspiration Arrives in a Movie

9/18/07 - Major Video updates in A/V

9/17/07 - I Get Money (Forbes 1,2,3 Remix) - 50 Cent f/ Diddy & Jay Z

8/23/07 - This reminds me why I don' t DJ clubs anymore. Click on the photo for full size

8/21/07 - Kanye Performs "Big Brother"

8/14/07 - Ray L f/ Fabolous & Red Cafe - My Girl Got A Girlfriend Video

Check out the original version of Jay Z - Dig A Hole produced by Just Blaze. The final version of the album has a beat produced by Swizz Beatz. Just's beat will sound familiar to you because it ended up on Fab's "Return Of The Huslte" which coincidentally features Swizzy.

Dollar Bill Video - DJ Envy & Red Cafe, I'm feelin this track

8/3/07 - 50 & JT - Ayo Technology, She Wants It Video

7/30/07 - Eve & Sean Paul - Give It To You Video

7/29/07 - The Game, Baby, Jadakiss featured in the Ay Bay Bay Remix Video

7/27/07 - Fresh videos: Money In The Bank from Swizz and Hip Hop Police/Evening News from Chamillionaire (gotta admit i wasn't feelin the song when i heard it, but the video is hot as hell)

7/25/07 - Beyonce falls on her face during a show in Dallas last night and all of a sudden it's national news. Peep the vid

7/24/07 - A/V update: Neyo & Fabolous perform on 106, plus footage from the Lil Wayne show in NYC and 50 freestylin when he was still chubby

7/19/07 - Diddy & Mario Winans - Through The Pain Video. I'm feelin the production on this one

7/19/07 - Kanye performs Can't Tell Me Nothing at Sob's with Swizz, Just Blaze, and Common rocking on stage with him. Video on Miss Info's site

7/13/07 - oh man, i've been slackin on the updates. Check out 50 Cent's video for I Got Money in A/V

6/28/07 - Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls Video in A/V - The SNICKA Remix on Showtime Part 2

6/26/07 - Video for Stonger in A/V

6/25/07 - Who makes beats in a suit?

6/18/07 - Showtime Part 2

6/18/07 - Timbland - The Way I Are in A/V

6/14/07 - T-Pain - Bartender Video in A/V

6/12/07 - Fab's new joint, From Nothin To Somethin, drops today. I've been banging it for a week, it might be his best album yet.


6/11/07 - R.I.P. Stack Bundles

6/7/07 - My boy Toshi Kondo interviews 50 Cent in the new issue of Vibe, where he proclaims he'll "fire anyone in G-Unit." Make sure you pick it up.

Loyal readers will remember Toshi used to do album reviews on this very site back in the day. From to VIBE, nah bad homey.

6/6/07 - Video of Swizz & Kanye going back and forth at Summer Jam in A/V

6/5/07 - Interesting how i pick an album joint to be on my mixtape and then a few months later it becomes the new single/video. I must say i have a knack for it. Shiiiiiit, i picked Robin Thicke to blow up a year and half ago!

Check out John Legend's Stereo Video in A/V (featured on Showtime)

6/4/07 - Summer Jam '07:

Village Voice Review

MTV coverage

NY Times

6/3/07 - Rihanna & Jay Z performing Umbrella at the MTV Music Awards in the A/V


5/31/07 - hahaha, do you or someone you know have "Beyonceitis?"

5/23/07 - Added some new videos in the A/V. Fab got Roslyn Sanchez in his new vid, that's a good look homey.

There's also some footage of the seconds before Left Eye's fatal car crash...R.I.P.

5/21/07 - I heard the new Rihanna album and I must say it is quite good. Highlights include collabos with Jay Z on "Umbrella" and Neyo on "Hate That I Love You" but Rihanna holds her own on the solo tracks. She drops a few upbeat tracks like "Breaking Dishes" and "Shut Up And Drive" which could have easily been Nelly Furtado joints to expand into that mainstream audience. There's no "Pon Di Replay" type song here but she does jack the same riddim as Mad Cobra's "Flex" for "Say It" which took me back.

The album, Good Girl Gone Bad, drops June 5th, make sure you pick it up.


5/8/07 - It's Showtime!

5/7/07 - That's a lot of Money right there:

50, Jeezy, Diddy, Jigga, Nelly, JD,  partying after the Mayweather victory


4/9/07 - uh oh! someone found Cam's Rhyme book!

4/3/07 - DJ Khaled featuring Akon, T.I., Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Birdman, Lil Wayne - We Takin Over Video

3/17/07 - Neyo - Because of You Video

3/16/07 - SOHH interviews John Brown from The White Rapper Show

3/15/07 - Rosie Perez talking about Jay Z (funny) on Jimmy Kimmel

3/9/07 - UPDATE: Shout out to Mr. Cee for world premiering my mixes on Hot 97 tonight. You can download the entire mixtape for free:

SNICKA presents BIggie Blendz

3/9/07 - R.I.P. B.I.G. - 10 years later, the murder is still unsolved...

Let us Remember B.I.G.


Hypnotize Video:

Check out more Biggie Videos and Rare Footage


Biggie Blendz 2007 drops tonight after Mr. Cee world premiers them on Hot 97. Tune in 8pm to Midnight!!!


AOL Music interviewed Mr. Cee, Jadakiss, and Styles about Biggie

AllHipHop has quotes on BIG from Industry peeps

MTV Tribute

Sohh interviews Biggie's 13 year old daughter, Tiana and the also have rare footage of Biggie performing Juicy live.

NotoriousOnline has some great coverage as well

BET's Tribute

XXL interviews Mr. Cee. Shout out to Adam Matthews who did the interview.

Also XXL put up online two classic articles on The Making of....

The Making of Ready To Die (April 2004 issue)

The Making of Life After Death (April 2003 issue)


3/8/07 - NY Tri-state area! Make sure you catch Mr. Cee on Hot 97 tomorrow from 8pm to Midnight for his Biggie Tribute which will feature 20 new remixes from yours truly!!!

3/7/07 - R. Kelly f/ TI & T-Pain - I'm a Flirt video

3/6/07 - Jay Z sells Rocawear for 204 million

3/5/07 - Kanye's Throw Some D's Remix video

3/2/07 - Jay Z got an HP commercial??? Cam was like "me too!"

3/1/07 - This new Lumidee (remember her?) track is bubblin in NY...Check out the video

2/28/07 - 2 new videos from Beyonce plus 2 freestyle videos from Fabolous and Juelz/Weezy (cats are doin videos for freestyles now??)

2/27/07 - Chillin in my beemer, listenin to....

2/26/07 - Illseed cracks me up:


2/22/07 - looks like 50 remixed Cam's video diss

2/20/07 - The homey Sneek interviewed Fabolous

2/16/07 - Make It Rain Remix video in the A/V section

2/15/07 - Cam fires back at 50 w/ Cuuuuuurtiiiiis

2/12/07 - Jay Z's Minority Report Video:

2/9/07 - I thought Fiddy said he won't go at Dipset unless they go at him first? Oh Well!

Check out the whole video in the A/V section


2/8/07 - BIG & Nas together on stage back in '95:

Props to for this one.

Also check out the new Jeezy/Kelly video in the A/V section



2/5/07 - I somehow missed this when watching the game last night. I guess that's why we have YouTube:


2/2/07 -Diddy & Keyshia Cole - Last Night Video:

2/1/07 - 50 on the phone with Styles, then Cam (on Hot 97 w/ Angie Mar)

1/31/07 - The Game & Kanye West - Wouldn't Get Far Video:


1/30/07 - "Coke is still my sponsor...."

1/24/07 - Happy Birthday Babe!!!

1/8/07 - I had this up the site a year or 2 ago, but the link died so here it is again: Skillz - Ghostwriter WITH all the names:


12/10/06 - I really slept on this one, but the boy got hits!:

Once Again

12/8/06 - It took a few listens, but i'm feelin that new Jeezy album

The Inspiration

Can't say the same about lil homey:

Hip Hop Is Dead


12/4/06 - Lost Ones Video:

11/18/06 - Jay's Hangar Tour was today, 7 shows in 7 cities in 17 hours. MTV has some clips along with an extensive video history of Jigga from 1996 to present. It's pretty impressive:

11/17/06 - 4 new videos in the A/V section

11/12/06 - SNICKA's Kingdom Come Review:

I'm going to do it track by track:

1. The Prelude (Produced by B-Money) - Typical Jay Z intro that we are all used to on chill laid-back beat. His very first words go at all those gunnin for his spot: "The Game's f*cked up, niggas beats is banging, nigga ya hooks that did it, ya lyrics didn't, ya gangsta look did it."

Jay reiterates that's he's not a rapper, but a hustler who happens to rap. "Forget this rap shit, i need a new hustle/ a little bit of everything, the new improved Russell."

2. Oh My God (Produced By Just Blaze) - This is the crazy Just Blaze beat to let Jigga go lyrical on. For all those that Show Me Got was lyrically weak and anticipated that the whole album would be, this is to shut y'all up.

3. Kingdom Come (Produced By Just Blaze) - You've heard this already, the lyricism continues...PURE FIRE!!!

4. Show Me What You Got (Produced By Just Blaze) - You've also heard this, how could you not?

5. Lost Ones (Feat. Chrissette Michelle) (Produced By Dr. Dre) -You should've heard this as well. It's on Heat Rock. It's an introspective Jay joint.

The first verse talks about the Roc-a-fella break up. My favorite line: "I heard muhf*ckas sayin they made Hov/Made Hov? say ok so make another Hov." Straight to the point: Dame you wouldn't be who you are if it weren't for me.

Verse 2 is about Beyonce. Many speculated there was trouble like 'is Jay dumping B?' but that is not the case. He basically addresses the age difference and how busy their careers are.

Verse 3 is about Jay's nephew Colleek who passed away in a car accident. The car that Jay bought for him. Until now Jay had never addressed the issue publicly.

6. Do U Wanna Ride (Feat. John Legend) (Produced By Kanye West) - A letter to his locked up homey, Emory. The message is simple, keep your head up homey, we are doin our thing, and when you get out, you gonna  ride with us. The track is subpar, I expected more from Kanye. John Legend kills it though.

7. 30 Something (Produced By Dr. Dre) - The maturation of Jay Z: "30's the new 20 nigga i'm so hot still/Better broad, better automobile. Bet a yard, naw bet a hundered mil, that by this song's end i probably start another trend."

My favorite line "I'm afraid of the future/Y'all respect the one who got shot, I respect the shooter."

It doesn't matter how old he is, you're not gonna reach his level....ever.

8. I Made It (Produced By DJ Khalil) - "Mama I made it." You get the idea

9. Anything (Feat. Usher & Pharrell) (Produced By The Neptunes) - This is the strip club track. It's got the Neptunes bounce, Usher on the hook and Jay rapid fire flow (see Big Pimpin, Jigga What and Is That Yo Chick).  Definitely gonna be a ladies favorite, club banger, and probably the 2nd single with an ill Hype Williams video.

10. Hollywood (Feat. Beyoncé) (Produced By Scyience) - Jay addresses all the paparazzi attention over a bouncy track and a flow that reminded me of a Fergie/MIssy old school type of flow. He calls Hollywood "the most addictive drug in the world." This is one of the better Jay/B collabos.

11. Trouble (Produced By Dr. Dre) - A dope Timbaland sounding beat by Dre. Jay addresses certain rumors like having a baby by Free (of 106 &  Park fame),

12. Dig A Hole (Feat. Sterling Simms) (Produced By Swizz Beatz) - Jay gets at Dame and Cam, although w/o saying any names on this infectious Swizz beat. "Silent partner, i hear you loud and clear/Left your fingerprint, you ain't gotta be there." Insinuating that Dame was behing the Cam diss. "Why kill the puppet and leave Geppeto alive"

And then he goes at Cam:

”Hov gonna get you, I ain’t forget your lil disprespect/No ho daddy gonna spank you for that sh*t you said.  It’s hard to do when you got nothing to prove/Everybody know you better, you in a lose-lose. Cuz even when you win ultimately you lose/Real niggaz like ‘why hov talking to dude?’. He’s sellin low 2’s, only time you went plat/my chain was on your neck that’s a natural fact. So I’m praying that it spills outside of the booth/that’s when y’all niggas outside of your truth, outside of your league, that’s not what you do/niggas throwing roc signs outside of your coupe. Don’t’ look at Hov like he done something wrong to him/cuz he’s on to him, he just took what belongs to him. Niggas playin checkers with chess playin Hov/This game is over, I don’t know if y’all know, you in the hole.”

13. Minority Report (Feat. Ne-Yo) (Produced By Dr. Dre) - This is Jay's political track on the subject of Hurricane Katrina and it's aftermath. Jay goes at the government for the lack of action, but also blames himself even though he donated a mil.

"Sure I ponied up a mil, but i didn't give the time/So in reality i didn't give a dime or a damn. I just put my monies in the hand of the same people that left my people stranded."

The song is complete with news sound bytes including Kanye's "George Bush doesn't care about black people." I can picture Weezy being on the remix.

14. Beach Chair (Feat. Chris Martin) (Produced By Chris Martin) - I was wondering how a beat made from Coldplay dude would sound. Well it sounds pretty ill. Introspective Jay is at it again, this is the same vein as Regrets, he's contemplating his life comparing it to a dream. This is easily one of my favorite tracks on the album.

I give the album a 4 out of 5.....I think XXL mag will give it a XXL cuz they been jockin jay for the last 2 months...Expect a 4 mic rating from the Source. My favorite Jay album is Reasonable Doubt, followed by Blueprint and Kingdom Come would be 3rd.

The album is in stores Tuesday November 21, 2006. There will be 3 versions:

1. The Standard Version which will include a 2nd disc containing 3 songs from Reasonable Doubt, which are: "Politics As Usual", "Can't Knock The Hustle", and "Can I Live".

2. The Deluxe Version which will include a 2nd disc DVD with footage from the Jay Z show in London (w/ Nas, Beyonce, Gwenyth Paltrow)

3. The iTunes version which includes the studio version of 44 4's (the live version is of course on Deja Vu?


11/1/06 - SNICKA - Heat Rock


10/31/06 -

Got my advance of The Game - The Doctor's Advocate. Here are my thoughts after a quick listen:

1. As previously reported, Dr. Dre did not produce any tracks on this album. All the producers (Just Blaze, JR Rotem, Scott Storch, Hi-Tek, etc.) who did make tracks on the album  all tried to do their best Dre impression

2. Most of the beats are straight Chronic-like bangers

3. The Game's vocal tone is awfully similar to Dre's

4. I don't understand why from the black eyed peas is on the album, let alone a track called Compton

5. The Game proved his point that he can really do it w/o Dre or 50

10/25/06 -

10/24/06 - The Clipse f/ Slim Thug - Wamp Wamp Video


 The Game - Let's Ride Video

both songs featured on Show Me What You Got!

10/17/06 - Fabolous Shot

10/16/06 - and here's the video


10/6/06 - Show Me What You Got!

9/27/06 - I'm not at all happy that Jive keeps pushing The Clipse album back.

9/22/06 - SMACK THAT!

9/13/06 - "When I come back like Jordan, wearing the 4-5, it ain't to play games with you"


9/11/06 - 5 years later.......a moment of silence...


8/29/06 - Hova: A quick look into the Radio City Concert....i smell a dvd release coming soon.

vid stolen from

and oh yeah, today's my birthday.......holla

8/25/06 - Sicker Than Your Average!

8/16/06 - HAHA!

8/11/06 - Videos!

Rick Ross - Push It

Diddy f/ Nicole - Come To Me

7/12/06 - Deja Vu - See the video below, get the remix here

7/7/06 - Deja Vu?

7/6/06 - You on that New York Shhhhhhhh?

7/4/06 - Happy 4th, this is a good video from Akon you might have missed:

and here's an old school A Tribe Called Quest:



7/1/06 - Here's a video of 44 4's from the rehearsal concert:

6/28/06 - Remember this skit from The Dave Chappelle Show??? "I spit hot fire!"

6/27/06 - The New York Times has a recap of the concert

6/26/06 - Jay Z's 10th Anniversary Reasonable Doubt show last night was off the hook!

Here are some pics from my camera phone and some images i got off my boy eskay @

The curtains went up and no one sat down for the rest of the show. There was a full orchestra accompanying Questlove's Illadelphonics band. Jay rolled out in the 90's white Lexus rocking a white suit.

Jay performed Reasonable Doubt backwards, meaning he started with the last track, Regrets and ended with the first track, Can't Knock the Hustle.

The crowed was treated to a bonus after 22 Two's. Jay kicked 44 Four's which went a lil something like this:

Roc-A-Fella 4ever
Hov, 4 life
Debut, classic first album, 4 mics
Should have got a five, but niggas lack 4sight
But I don’t give a fuck, I ain’t do it 4 the hype
I did it 4 the hustlers, 4 the ghettos, 4 their plight
4 the struggle 4 those who bubble white
4 fly 4x4s, ruthless cars, 4 all this ice
4 the pain so y’all can feel what it’s like
4 all the times it rained, 40 days, 40 nights
4 all the promise made, that never came to the light
I get my own 40 acres, give me 4 nights, 4 O’s
And clock 40 4 the jackets and I’m Spike
Or the 4x4 will suffice
A 14 year old to lookout 4 the vice
And y’all can sit back and just wait 4 the flight
Your boy will takeoff like I’ve been stripping all my life
That’s the type of 4s I write
But let niggas know I was real be4 the mic
4 front rows, had the fur at the fight
No PETA on my Peter, left some room 4 the divas
In the suite we’ll meet up if you wild 4 the night
I’m on the rampage, champagne pours on the floor
4 all those who ain’t make it here
And lost their life
I never 4get y’all 4 any price
Not 4 no hoes, not 4 no ice
Not 4 no fame, nor 4 bright lights
So I’ma end this here
This as fly as kite
44 4’s, motherfucker, I’m nice

props to eskay for the lyrics. you can catch the youtube of Jay rehearsing the verse the night before

Before the show, everyone was wondering if Foxy Brown would come out to perform Ain't No Nigga considering she had gone deaf. She came out and rocked it and at the end Jay said "Obviously, the surgery was a sucess."

Also on everyone's mind was how Brooklyn's Finest would be performed. Jigga ended up rhyming his and Biggie's verses while images of BIG were put up on the screens. The band then seque-wayed into the music for "Brooklyn Zoo" when Jay Z then led the crowd through Biggie's infamous verse from Come On: "I got 7 mack 11's, about 8 38's, 9 9's, 10 mack 10's..."

Beyonce came out for Can't Knock The Hustle singing Mary's parts.



Then the curtains went down and some people started to leave. I knew better, i stayed put cuz i knew it was not over. Then they announced that Jay Z would be back in 10 minutes.


And sure enough, 10 minutes later Jay came back with "What More Can I Say." The orchestra and Illedelphonics were gone. It was just Jay, Bleek and Just Blaze as the DJ.


Jay rocked through all the hit singles from his catalog and often times told Just to turn off the music so he can spit his verses acapella. he wanted the crowed to listen and just focus on his lyrics.

And of course, Jay ended the show with "Encore" leaving us all wanting more...

In case you missed the show, don't worry, it'll be released as a DVD soon.

and oh yeah, everyone got a free gift bag with Reasonable Doubt T-shirt, poster and special XXL edition of the making of Reasonable Doubt.

6/13/06 - The next issue of XXL will feature the making of Reasonable Doubt:

6/9/06 - We interrupt our regular programming to bring you this commercial:


6/1/06  - Numba One! Smash Hit!

5/31/06 - Cassie's Me & U Video premiered on 106 & Park earlier today. Love the song, but the video ain't all that:

And in case you missed the remix, check it out on MySpace

5/23/06 - Kanye West featuring Paul Wall, GLC, T.I. - Drive Slow Remix:

5/16/06 - I don't understand much, but i'm feelin this joint!!

Nore f/ a lot of people - Mas Maiz


you feelin it too? it's on my new cd, holla

5/5/06 - Impossible

4/24/06 - DJ Khaled featuring Lil Wayne, Paul Wall, Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Pitbull - Holla At Me:

Album drops on June 6, 2006. The single is featured on So Sick


4/15/06 - Christina Milian f/ Young Jeezy - Say I Video:

4/2/06 - Aight, i finally did it. Be my friend on MySpace

3/27/06 - Forgot to post this, but XXL's website did a Biggie Duets Part 2 and listed all the hot current Biggie Remixes. My remix of Ghostface's Back Like That featuring Biggie and Neyo was listed.

3/9/06 - It's been 9 years......BIG

3/7/06 - Check out the Touch It Remix Video*

2/28/06 - Find out why I'm "So Sick."

2/10/06 - Got my advance of Neyo's debut album, In My Own Words. It's slammmmmmin!!! I told you the boy gonna blow up! Make sure you cop this when it drops, you won't be disappointed.

Check for his mixtape So Sick Of Ghostwriting for a preview.

1/31/06 - Shout out to my man eskay and his blog He's definitely doin his thing

1/30/06 - found this floatin around on the net:

1/27/06 - Got my advance of Remy Martin's debut album, There's Something About Remy. I must say i'm pretty impressed on first listen. She's definitely holdin her own. A lot of people were sceptical, I just hope her record company gives her the proper push and marketing.

1/26/06 - Will there be a Takeover Part 2?

Jay speaks on Cam Dis and Nas signing:


1/24/06 - Happy Birthday Sheena!!!

1/23/06 - It's Official, Jay Z signs Nas to Def Jam

New York Times Article

MTV Article

1/5/06 - Happy New Year Y'all. Hopefully 2006 will be a good year for music. Check out my picks for artists to really blow up in 06:

  1. Neyo - signed to Def Jam, he's penned songs for Mario, Usher, Mary J and more. Look out for his new joint "So Sick"
  2. Joe Budden - also signed to Def Jam who keep pushing his sophmore album back. Dude spits some real introspective sh*t, but Def Jam keeps fishing for that radio single. Hopefully Jay can guide him to superstardom. I pick Joe to be Jay's successor in this rap thing. Peep the track "3 Sides To Every Story."
  3. Robin Thicke - now that he's messin with the Neptunes, look for homey to crossover and blow up. His new joint "Wanna Love You" is straight FIRE!! And oh yeah, he's Alan Thicke's son (father from Growing Pains).
  4. Akon - like Guru said back in the day "It's mostly the voice..." he's already taken the hook crown from Nate Dogg in 05, but i expect him to do much bigger things in 06 with his production company (and more ill hooks)
  5. Pitbull - i gotta admit, i caught on late but this guy's got flow and he's about to take over the 120 BPM uptempo hip hop party joints. Just listen to "Culo," "Shake," "Shake Remix," and "Toma."

12/28/05 - Skillz 2005 Rap Up (new link)

11/21/05 - SNICKA presents The Commission

10/29/05 - SNICKA presents Spit Your Game featuring hot new tracks from Biggie, Jay Z, Young Jeezy, Camron (rappin about how he got shot) 50 Cent, Joe Budden, The Clipse and much much more

10/28/05 - History was made last night

9/27/05 - New Biggie & Bob Marley in the AV section.

Biggie Duets out in November!!!

8/19/05 - Look who's on the cover of TIME Magazine:

I got my copy of the advance of Late Registration...only listened to it once...overall it's laid back and you can definitely hear the influence of Jon Brion (co-producer). And for those that haven't heard yet, Nas is on the album. Tracks that stand out are Touch The Sky f/ Lupe Fiasco and Gone f/ Consequence and Cam'ron. (for those signed up on the mailing list, y'all already got the hookup, check ya inbox!)

8/8/05 - We Gets Busy, the new mix cd from SNICKA featuring that brand spanking new joint from Young Jeezy & Jay Z: Go Crazy

6/3/05 - Fly With Me

6/1/05 - You heard about Snoop & Game beating down some dude at their show? here's the ameteur video

5/25/05 - SNICKA #50 coming soon....

5/5/05 - added some new vids in the AV section

4/13/05 - Added some new tracks in the AV section

4/5/05 - Biggie Blendz featured in this months issue of SCRATCH!!!

4/4/05- New 112 Video: U Already Know

4/2/05 - Who's Teairra Mari? That would be Jay Z's first new artist signing to Def Jam. Her new single is Make Her Feel Good, it's got that old school vibe...

3/30/05 - Check out Fuzzy Byskitz looking like the white Juelz in SoulHop's Featured Artist Section

3/29/05 - It's been a minute since we had an update. New albums from 112 and Beanie Sigel in stores today, check em out and check out this new Beanie video f/ Snoop Dogg called Don't Stop

3/10/05 - WHOA!!! Jada and Fat Joe Respond!!!

Jada - Animal (50 Cent Diss)
Link 1

Fat Joe - Curtis Jackson (F*ck 50)
Link 1

3/9/05 - R.I.P. B.I.G. also put together a nice BIG tribute

3/8/05 - Check out HHN's interview of SNICKA in their DJ Spotlight section.

3/1/05 - Ok, so the big news of the day is that somebody shot up Hot 97 Studios last night while 50, Banks, and Yayo were up there with Flex. Rumor has it that Game went up there when 50 was on air sayin Game was getting kicked out of G-Unit for being disloyal.

Peep the article from

2/20/05 - The song y'all been waiting to hear: Piggy Bank

2/17/05 - My man Rawj put me on to a hot hot MC reppin the New Bay: Balance. XXL calls him one of the Top 5 to Blow in 2005.

2/7/05 - SNICKA presents I Know You Heard Me On The Radio

1/25/05 - Biggie Blendz has made the mixtape section of Ozone Magazine, a Hip Hop mag outta Florida

1/24/05 - Happy Birthday Babygirl!!!!!

1/17/05 - Please vote for SNICKA in the 9th Annual Mixtape Awards for Best New Mixtape DJ, Rookie of The Year, and Best Blends Mixtape DJ.

(you have to enter 5 DJ names, you can put SNICKA for all 5)


1/16/05 - has a review of Biggie Blendz along with reviews of mixtapes from The Clipse Whoo Kid/50 Cent, Green Lantern, Kay Slay, and DJ Envy...that's some good company if you ask me!

1/14/05 - 50 goes at Jada in the new XXL


1/13/05 - Big up to the legendary Biz Markie who's got them Biggie Blendz (y'all know he's a crazy dj now, right?)

Also don't forget to join SNICKA's mailing list to get the latest info on new mix cds and exclusive mp3's right to your inbox.

1/12/05 - The folks over at have actually counted the # of name drops on the new game album. Check it out at the bottom of this review.

1/11/05 - So i'm peepin my advance of the Game's debut album, The Documentary....not too bad. Beats are definitely banging....lyrically? jury is still out on that one....a lot of references to Jay Z , Mase, NWA, Eazy E, Biggie, 50, Em and Dre keep poppin up.

1/10/05 - My man Pup Dawg from 94.5 in Boston showin the love to Biggie Blendz on air last night. peep the snippet.

1/8/05 - Just wanted to put y'all up on a dope hip hop monthly email newsletter called HHN. They're interviewing me in their next issue. Email to subscribe. Tell em SNICKA sent ya.

1/7/05 - The Game's hype is at an all time high. Look for him to grace the cover of next month's VIBE:


1/5/05 - Skillz said he wouldn't do another one, but he just couldn't resist. Check out The Rap Up 2004

1/1/05 - Happy New Year Y'all!!!

12/30/04 - Shouts to Deejay Quest from 105.5 The Beat who's lettin Florida know what time it is with Biggie Blendz

12/29/04 - Shout out to 94.5 JAMN in Boston for Rocking Biggie Blendz....Pup Dawg, I see you kid! Big up Geespin!

12/25/04 - Once again, Big Up Mr. Cee for rocking my Biggie Blendz on Hot 97's Mixmaster Christmas Weekend.

12/14/04 - Check out the press Biggie Blendz has been receiving

12/8/04 - Jay Z named president of Def Jam

12/6/04 - gives Biggie Blendz 4 Stars (out of 5)

Not bad, Luda got 3 and 1/2...and i'm feelin his new album! "Number 1 Spot" is my ish!

12/3/04 - Shout out to DJ Enuff (Biggie's former tour DJ) of Hot 97 who played my One More Chance Blend on his mix show, The Rush Hour. One Love.

if you heard any of my blendz on the radio, hit me up.

12/3/04 - Aight Y'all, so I met up with Mr. Cee yesterday and he hit me off with the audio from his mix show where he premiered 3, count em THREE, Biggie Blendz. Check it out.

11/27/04 - Big Up to Mr. Cee who played my blend of Dead Wrong on his mixshow last night on NYC's Hot 97 complete with shoutout to yours truly.

For those that don't know Mr. Cee was Biggie's DJ back in the day and was instrumental for getting B.I.G. his record deal.

So for Mr. Cee to give his seal of approval on my mix was

For those still sleepin, check out the snippets, track listing and
purchase here

11/23/04 - New Beanie Sigel Video, i'm sweatin this beat!

11/22/04 - Hilarious: Lean Back - how the video was gonna be

11/21/04 - The Grey Video.....kinda hot..

11/18/04 - Big up to giving shine to Biggie Blendz

11/16/04 - Somebody got stabbed at the VIBE Awards taping last night. News at 11.

and in other news Michelle from Destiny's Child fell and the other two chicks just didn't give a....(what).

11/12/04  - R.I.P. O.D.B.

11/10/04 - SNICKA presents Biggie Blendz. 18 Biggie joints remixed by SNICKA plus unreleased live concert material.

11/8/04 - Jay Z & Linkin Park? Actually it doesn't sound all that bad...peep the video

10/29/04 - You know how Diddy wants you to Vote or Die? Well, Lil Jon says "Crunk or Die"

10/27/04 - Jiggaman for President?

10/25/04 - Eminem Mosh Video

10/21/04 -  Terror Squad - Take Me Home Video

10/20/04 - Eminem battles............Bush? Check out Mosh

10/15/04 - The New Workout Plan video by Kanye featuring Mr. Bentley.

10/12/04 - Jiggaman got a movie coming out called Fade To Black which will have footage from his farewell concert @ MSG plus a behind the scenes look of making the Black Album, peep the preview

10/7/04 - Some more vids: Eminem's Just Lose It , Talib Kweli f/ Mary J  on I Try and Snoop & Pharell Drop It Like It's Hot

10/3/04 - Oye Mi Canto: The Video

10/1/04 - Song of the Moment: Used to Love You by John Legend

9/17/04 - Oye Mi Canto.....i'm feelin this joint!

9/4/04 -

8/27/04 -Why Remix f/ Nas, Common and Styles P audio/video you think Jada peeped the some q's section of this site and used it for inspiration? hmmmmmmmm...

8/26/04 - Can the Game live up to his hype? Peep his new joint feat 50 Cent in the audio/video section

8/25/04 - If you are in the Philly area and want to be part of photo shoot for an up and coming clothing line, check out

8/24/04 - New Beanie Sigel! New Clipse! New Alchemist! New Jackie-O! peep the audio/video section

8/21/04 - This dude sounds exactly like BIG (way more than Shyne ever did): Guerilla Black....he's got some skillz

8/19/04 - Better late than never: The Best of Both Worlds Tour

8/18/04 - Take a sneak peak behind the scenes of the new Jackie-O video

8/17/04 - New Ma$e album? $ave your money, this album $ucks!! Pick up that Shyne album instead.....$nicka $aid $o

8/12/04 - Nicole Wray got some heat (is it cuz she on the ROC now? hmmmmm)

8/4/04 - New Shyne Album is CRAZY!

8/2/04 - Ciara got the Goodies.........beat is sick

7/30/04 - The Kanye joints you haven't heard

7/28/04 - I'm feelin this new Rell feat. Kanye & that tribe beat...relax yourself girl....

7/26/04 - WHAT WHAT! N.O.R.E on the R-O-C & Shyne dissin 50?

7/20/04 - New S. Carter commercial for his new tennis shoe

6/28/04 - New Nas Video - Thief's Theme

6/20/04 - New Kanye Video - Jesus Walks

6/15/04 - Snoop signs deal with the Neptunes

6/7/04 - On New York radio station Hot 97 on Friday (June 4), Shyne spoke out for the first time since going to prison in 2001. Among the revelations he disclosed to radio host Angie Martinez is that he thinks he'll be out of jail in early 2005 and Jay-Z has talked to him about forming an all-Brooklyn supergroup consisting of Jay, Shyne and Foxy Brown

(From MTV News)

Peep the "new" Shyne featuring Foxy called More or Less (actually recorded in 2001 before Shyne got locked up)

6/2/04 - Now Lean Back, Lean Back (this is definitely gonna be a summer anthem)

5/25/04 - And another one! SNICKA presents the S. Carter Mixtape Collection Part 2

5/17/04 - Brandy's new video featuring Kanye West.....oh, and the song is featured on my new mix cd...what a coincidence!

5/14/04 - Ma$e is back!.....Peep the new joint, Welcome Back (not so good quality) and the call in to Sunny's show on Hot97 with Puff

5/8/04 - R&B Smooth

5/5/04 - AIGHT! The site's back up, new host. F the other host, you saw em trying to advertise while my site was down. SHADY!

Look out for the new mix cd to drop any day now.

4/1/04 - I apologize for the site being down the last few days. Let's just say me and my web hosting company got BEEF.

3/23/04 - "These chicks don't even know the name of my band." [Real Video]

3/16/04 - Lloyd Banks solo joint: Smile Video

3/15/04 - schmucks....comedy

3/13/04 - I Don't Wanna Know Video - Mario Winans. How long ago did i tell you about this joint???

September 12, 2003 to be exact- scroll down....snicka prediction, WHAT???


3/12/04 - Ghostface & Missy Collabo

3/11/04 - N.E.R.D - She Wants to Move Video

3/9/04 - 7 years...

3/4/04 - Beyond a Reasonable Doubt - Roc artists to do a cover album of Jay Z's music. 2 Discs: 1 Hip Hop, 1 R&B. Should be interesting

3/2/04 - Kanye - All Falls Down Video featuring Stacy Dash

3/1/04 - You gotta....get...that...dirtoffya shoulder! peep the vid

2/27/04 - Check out Kanyeeezy on tour

2/24/04 - You can catch Mary on tour

1/27/04 - Def Poetry Jam is taping for HBO in NYC. You could be there for free!

1/5/04 - Looks like Saddam's been doin some remixin of his own.

1/1/04 - Let's start off the new year right!

R E M I X ! ! !

The entire Black Album remixed by SNICKA plus 4 Bonus Remixes

12/30/03 - F.Y.E.

12/22/03 - Red & Meth on TV? on the weekly?

12/17/03 - The Video for Encore

12/14/03 - Finally Captured

12/11/03 - Brooklyn Nets?

11/26/03 - Went to the Jay Z concert @ MSG last night...

...scratch that...

Went to the Jay Z featuring Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Young Gunz, Damon Dash, Beyonce, Missy, R. Kelly, Mary J Blige,  Ms. Wallace, Ms. Shakur, Twista, Foxy Brown, and Pharell concert @ MSG last night.


peep the details


11/22/03 - Jigga rates his own albums and Sauce Money describes Jay's early battles with DMX and LL Cool J

11/10/03 - Preview the entire Black Album (legally)

11/3/03 - Black Album - SNICKA's Quick Review

10/31/03 -

Black album on the way!


10/12/03 - Got my advance copy of the new Loon album...

......the only joint i'm feelin is the single, Down For Me.

10/10/03 - VERY INTERESTING article on Lauryn Hill

10/1/03 - Yo, that new Ludacris bumps nicely in the whip...look out for it in stores next week.

9/30/03 - Diddy Run The City - Diddy's running in the NYC marathon for charity....he's tryin to raise a mil...

9/20/03 - Cheescake! Cheescake! Cheescake! - hahahaha, the Hoodfellaz dis the Band...check's all good though, they both on Bad Boy

9/13/03 - 7 years since Pac died....peep this Exclusive Video of him and BIG freestylin together!

9/12/03 - SNICKA prediction: Mario Winans will be the next big thing in R&B. His new joint "I Don't Wanna Know" is FIRE! His collab with Foxy Brown, "Pretty Girl Bullsh*t" is FIRE!

(peep the latter on BLACKOUT)

9/11/03 - Never Forget.

9/10/03 - All my people in Boston, tune into 94.5 Morning Show this week and catch the new promo joint by none other than Fuzzy Byskitz (over the Can't Stop, Won't Stop beat).

9/8/03 - From

"If you've been listening to mixtapes lately and wondering why 50 Cent is rapping on two versions of a track called "Gunz for Sale," it's because the track was boosted from the G-Unit, according to the camp. A bootleg version of the song popped up on mixtapes with 50 just rapping the chorus and a new group called the A-Team rhyming the verses. The real version of the song, which will appear on the G-Unit's November 4 LP, has also just popped up in the streets and features 50 on the hook as well as the verses."

Be Clear! The REAL version is on SNICKA #43 - Blackout!

9/6/03 - Got Some Teeth - i'm feelin the beat, peep the vid

9/4/03 - Kanye West's Through The Wire Video - lemme know what y'all think about it:

8/29/03 - It's SNICKA's B-Day! Buy a CD: SNICKA #43 - Blackout!

8/28/03 - Newsworthy:

8/20/03 -  F.Y.E.

8/11/03 - "Call it Black Friday. The release date for Jay-Z's next — and according to him, final — LP, The Black Album, has been set for November 28. The day after Thanksgiving is also the biggest shopping day of the year, and Jay-Z's gonna take advantage by dropping the black version of his signature S. Carter Reebok shoe on the same day. ..."


8/4/03 - Pimp your kids! 3 and 1/2  year old Mark Walker signs an endorsement deal with Reebok.

7/28/03 - Big Up 94.5FM in Boston for rockin the SNICKA Extended Remix of Beware the Boys on the morning show and mix shows!

Shout out to Pup Dawg aka Mr. Personality for makin it happen.

7/12/03 - Diddy/Nelly/Murphy Lee - Shake Ya Tailfeather Video....summer anthem? you tell me

(courtesy of

7/8/03 - Joint of the moment: Summertime - Beyonce
(not on the album, unfortunately)

7/5/03 -  Star Trak update:

Frontin Video - Pharell feat. Jay Z

Popular Thug Remix - Kelis feat. Nas (i personally liked the original version with The Clipse on it better)

6/21/03 - btw, the hulk SUCKED!

6/17/03 - Check out what Toshi thinks about the possible Rap Rookie of the Year: Joe Budden

6/14/03 -

6/12/03 - Finally! someone is giving attention to one of my pet peeves: Driving slow in the left lane! Maybe if enough people read this, my man D won't have to hold up a sign that says "Why Are You Driving Slow In The Left Lane?!?!" while we pass em on the right!

6/10/03 - Listen to the whole Joe Buddens CD, which drops today. (courtesy of AOL music)

6/9/03 - La La La (Excuse Me Miss Remix) Video featured on the Bad Boys 2 Soundtrack

6/8/03 - Remember Mad Skillz' song called Ghostwriter? Remember how he threatened to put it back out with the names?? Well, here you go.

6/7/03 - Check out my boy's comic strip:

The Delinquints

6/5/03 - Looks like someone smuggled a camera into summer jam and caught the "next contestant on that summer jam screen"

(courtesy of

6/4/03 - The Duck found this

6/3/03 - Shelookslikea....

5/24/03 - What do Biggie, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Nas, Jadakiss, Mobb Deep, P. Diddy, Foxy Brown, Method Man, Smif & Wesson, LL Cool J, The Lox, Lenny Kravitz, Mos Def & Talib Kweli all have in common?

They all know that There's Something About Mary...


5/22/03 - New Ashanti video.....WOW!

5/19/03 - Star and Buc bounce!

5/15/03 - F.Y.E. has been updated with some new joints

4/23/03 - Jay Z & 50 to tour: Roc The Mic

4/17/03 - Peep the SNICKA Extended Remix of Beware the Boys w/ 2 Verses from Jay Z.

4/10/03 - The Freestyle Collection is HERE! SNICKA #41

4/9/03 - All CDs are now only $10 including S&H...check it out meng!

4/8/03 - Peep the new S dots that are set to drop on April 18th. Also Jay takes it back to the gutter on a few hot freestyles to be featured on SNICKA #41.........oh yeah, it's comin!

4/6/03 - Saw Phonebooth last night. It SUCKED!

3/21/03 - There's a buzz going around the net about Jigga rhyming over some "Arabian Knight Rider Sh*t." Well actually it's him rhyming on a Bhangra Remix by London based producer Punjabi MC which has actually been out for a few years now. The song is called Mundian To Bach Ke. Whether this becomes to new trend or not remains to be seen, but if it does, remember who hit you off first.

3/20/3 - you can either stay with the current version or upgrade! Jigga & Da Roc are releasing the Blueprint Version 2.1

3/9/03 - It's been 6 years.........BIG

3/1/03 - go the Fab hook up. Listen to the whole album

2/25/03 - Bush Logic

2/15/03 - I can't front, the hook is stuck in my head: Beautiful

2/4/03 - Boycott Pepsi? That's Ludacris!

1/31/03 - I got my advance copy of 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Trying. HOT! 50 definitely kept it street. it's the kind of caliber album we all expected Camron to drop after all his mixtape buzz.

On a side note, after dropping his Benzino diss songs, is Eminem the nastiest rapper out? Can someone iller go at Em so we can get some real entertainment?

1/310/03 - Keith Murray, Redman, E-Dub: Yeah You Know It Video

1/20/03 - Check out Fuzzy Byskitz on the SNICKA Refix of JT's What You Got.

1/18/03 - New Lil Kim with Timbo on the beat, featuring Mr. Cheeks....any of you new cats remember Lost Boys??

1/16/03 - what can i say? been busy.....check out this new 50 video for In Da Club.

12/4/02- "yo, those the new Iversons? nah, these the new S. Carter's." While other rappers such as Jadakiss & Fabolous endorse shoes, Jigga goes head and gets his own damn shoe! Pleasebeliveit!

12/3/02 - featuring a bunch of old school videos including one of my all time favorites, We Got The Jazz by A Tribe Called Quest.

11/23/02 - Em coming back at Benzino.....why'd he even bother?

11/22/02 - Nas' new album, God Son, features guest appearances by Alicia Keys, Kelis, and Claudette Ortiz. And oh yeah, also has a tracks aimed at R&B rappers who "f-ed the game up." Check out the walking contradiction's article on

11/13/02 - Missy took it back to the 80's on her new album. Preview Under Construction courtesy of AOL.

11/12/02 - Apparently The Curse is better than The Gift. Blueprint2 is in stores today.

Check out this article on to get the real deal pick up this month's XXL with Jay on the cover, they asked all the questions inquiring minds wanted to know.

11/6/02 - One's for Peedi Crack and Two's for Free....check out the new addition to the R.O.C. in F.Y.E.

11/5/02 - Wanna battle? check out and post ya skillz.

11/4/02 - For those in the DC area, Fuzzy Byskitz will be on the radio tomorrow morning, check his site for details.

11/1/02 - Rap Wars??

10/30/02 -  R.I.P. Jam Master Jay


10/29/02 - 112 has officially signed to Def Soul, is shutting down, and Mariah Carey is doing a cover of Cam's Oh Boy........(Oh well!)

10/28/02 - Thanks for all the emails, here go that Timberlake/Timbaland Track: FYE

10/26/02 - Pre-Order Blueprint 2


10/23/02 - So i got a hold of an advance copy of the new Justin Timberlake album. I can't front! The whiteboy got skillz. He's like the new improved Michael Jackson. Almost all the production is by the Neptunes and Timbaland. How crazy is that???? if y'all wanna hear a track hit me up

10/15/02 - Work It: The Video....[song featured on SNICKA #40/Rocwidit]

10/11/02 - When is Jay Z gonna drop an album that isn't highly anticipated??? Blueprint 2: Double Album. Rakim. Dre. Lenny Kravitz. Sean Paul. dude is definitely takin this shit elsewhere.

check for 03 Bonnie & Clyde featuring Beyonce in FYE

and in other news, Cam, Nore, MOP on tour and New Edition signing to Bad Boy????? WTF???

10/10/02 - Watch the first 8 minutes of Brown Sugar

10/4/02 - aight my peoples, this is the cd that got something for errrrrbody. SNICKA #40 got the brand spankin new hip hop joints, the r&b flava, the ill dancehall riddims, and the exclusive freestyles that you only gonna hear on a SNICKA CD. Peep the tracklisting.

10/3/02 - An interesting article on Puff and the fate of Bad Boy

10/2/02 - New video by Ashanti: Baby starring and directed by Nia Long........

9/30/02 - Paid In Full trailer. If you don't know, this is the new flick by Roc-a-fella films starring Cam'ron as Alpo.

9/25/02 - I'm definitely feelin this new Erykah Badu video for Love of My Life

9/22/02 -  If Biggie were still alive, do you think he'd collab with 50 Cent? Or would he still be aligned with Jay Z in the Commision? Then again, if Biggie were alive would hip hop be anything like it is now?

Anyway, looks like Puff & Shady made it happen: 50  & Biggie - Niggaz

9/20/02 - I was out in LA last week and this was definitely the jam out there: WC featuring Nate & Snoop - The Streets. Peep the video

9/12/02 - A Disturbing Coincidence: On the anniversery of 9/11 the winning lotto # was 9-1-1 

9/11/02 - Never Forget.

9/6/02 - Conspiracy Theory: Biggie killed Tupac?

9/1/02 - The Dog Bites Back! DMX interviewed by Big Von on KMEL, UNCENSORED!!! check FYE

(Big up E-Rock once again for the audio!)

8/27/02 - New location for LK this month, peep it

8/19/02 - This may never make it to MTV, so peep it now while you can: White America Video - Eminem

8/8/02 - Nas & Murder Inc? The answer is......

8/7/02 - Exclusive: Irv Gotti puts DMX in his place and speaks on Nas regarding the Jay Z beef and joining Murder Inc.

Special shout out to E Rock for the audio and Big Von for conducting the interview

8/2/02 - featured on Cafe De Soul

7/23/02 - All my NYC heads: check out The Kitty

7/19/02 - MTV has a clip of the new Amerie video for Talkin To Me

7/16/02 - Styles P: Good Times Video

7/13/02 -  New Rell! (Rell!) featuring Jay Z! (Jay Z!)  [FYE]

7/12/02 - Toni Braxton is back with dat FIRE!!! [FYE]

7/10/02 - Peep the Face Online Mix Tape in FYE

7/3/02 - Check out this ill design for a new WTC

6/28/02 - Killa Cam wastes no time getting back at Nas...check the freestyle

6/26/02 - EXCLUSIVE!!! Summer Jam Drama:

So, Nas, the headliner doesn't show up cuz the powers that be at Hot 97 told him he can't perform "Ether" with a mock lynching of Jay Z. Then he gets on rival station Power 105.1 and disses Hot 97. peep the audio right here 

(big up my man David Copahfeel for the audio)


6/25/02 - Liquid Kitty this thursday.....peep game

6/20/02 - Face: My Block [Video]

6/19/02 - Move! Get out the WAY!! Luda Vid

6/17/02 - I hope y'all got hi-speed connections, cuz i keep hittin y'all with videos: Check the new NORE video

(song featured on SNICKA #39, hint hint)

Today must be NORE DAY, i just added a new banga in FYE

6/15/02 - Check out this video clip from Amerie for her debut joint: Why Don't We Fall In Love..........and then peep the remix featuring Fuzzy B.

6/13/02 - Let's take it back....check out this old video from Jigga

6/10/02 - X to the Z dissin JD in FYE...

(hey that out Fuzzy!)

5/30/02 - Get Addicted...........This Saturday

5/29/02 - New Remix! Amerie featuring my boy Fuzzy Byskitz. You know where to peep it:  FYE.

5/24/02 - I Need A Girl Part 2 Video............the beat is so contagious...... [hi-fi] and [lo-fi]

5/20/02 - SNICKA's CD Release Party this thursday (5/23) @ Liquid Kitty.......peep the details

5/13/02 - SNICKA #39 - L.I.F.E. drops today! pick it up!

5/09/02 - A friend of mine wrote this book:

Check it out @

5/4/02 - So apparently there's a beef between Dre & JD...Peep the JD's diss in FYE.

5/2/02 - New Em*t is kinda funny

05/01/02 - New Killa & Jigga in FYE

4/28/02 - My boy Midas is back on the east coast and he's got some thoughts. 

4/25/02 - R.I.P Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez



4/15/02 - Rollin!

4/11/02 - Liquid Kitty.....

3/27/02 - Song Cry Video (plays in RealPlayer)

3/21/02 - Yes Yes Y'all! Fuzzy Byskitz has made it to Round 4 and will soon receive a phone call from Beenie Sigel. Thanks to all that supported.

3/12/02 - This is it y'all! My man Fuzzy Byskitz is in Round 3 of Rock wit da Roc. If he wins, he gets to record with Roc-a-fella. Show your support, and VOTE!

3/11/02 - Nas's video for One Mic is kinda ill...

3/9/02 - It's been 5 years since we've lost the greatest

3/7/02 - Round 3 of Roc wit da Roc is about to begin. Get a preview of Fuzzy Byskitz' mp3 entry.

2/27/02 - Remembering The Game: 
Confessions and Revelations from a former Hip Hop Head

2/25/02 - SNICKA's favorite MC, Temt Jones aka Fuzzy Byskitz is in a battle on to win a chance to record with the ROC......Click here and VOTE for FUZZY!!!

2/21/02 - Happy Birthday Bro

SNICKA #38 - The Blend Monster is here

1/19/02 - SNICKA-PUNO Got You every Saturday @ Punch. 

Peep events.

1/11/02 - Nas vs. Jay Z - a track by track analysis by my man Midas

1/1/02 - Happy New Year.....don't front this year....

12/30/01 -  Don't Call It a Comeback [Stillmatic Review]

12/19/01 - Jigga Unplugged is tight.....Stillmatic is Nas's best work since Illmatic, but a far second.......holla

12/12/01 - Supa Ugly!!!

11/9/01 - Ragin Tosh finally submitted his review for the Blueprint

11/7/01 - Mary's new video for "No More Drama is type HOT!

10/30/01 - Got some events comin up

10/14/01 - A Buffalo Q

10/1/01 - New Fabo! (fabo!) (fabo!): FYE

9/23/01 - went to the Jigga show last night - off da heazy!

9/19/01 - I came across this video tribute to Aaliyah. 

R.I.P. Aaliyah

R.I.P to my boy Shy's cousin, who recently passed

to Suzy and Frankie's aunt who both worked at WTC , we haven't given up hope.


9/17/01 - It's been a few days of madness, i figured we could use some soothin beats....FYE

9/13/01 - Stop The Hate

9/11/01 - Horrific...

9/3/01 - Heard Jigga's new album, The Blueprint, last night....STRAIGHT BANANAS!!!!!! Let's see how long it holds the #1 spot in the Top 5.

8/30/01 - Mary J's new album is da bomb!!! buy it NOW!

(by the way Rock Steady feat. Jay Z and Lenny Kravitz didn't make the album, the only way you can get it is on SNICKA #37,  The Neccesity)

8/29/01 - Go SNICKA! It's your Birthday!

8/25/01 -Tragedy Indeed.....Aaliyah R.I.P. [read story]

8/01 - The Neccesity

8/7/01 - Bi-Polar Bad Boys

7/23/01 - So you wanna be a movie star?

7/19/01 - New Mary J track produced by Dr. Dre in FYE

7/16/01 - Get on the list for this Wednesday

7/15/01 - SNICKA's Summer Movie Review

7/5/01 - Happy Birthday shout to Slika.......

finally an update to FYE

7/1/01 - Say Word!!!!

6/29/01 - Jada album has been pushed back til August. Peep other album release dates

6/27/01 - A Teknological Breakthrough

6/7/01 - Q's

6/6/01 - How bout dem Sixers?

5/8/01 - Damn, SNICKA been mad lazy with the updates. Check out this freestyle by my man Scram Jones (no relation to Temt Jones). It's a month old, but you ain't never heard it, so it's brand spankin new to

4/25/01 - Peace to China.....Boom Spot is postponed indefinitely......we back in Buffalo on Friday with my protege: DJ Search.....HOLLA

4/7/01 - Ignorant Bliss: Beatnuts Review

3/26/01 - As promised: SNICKA #36 featuring 4, count em 4, original SNICKA produced blazin tracks from Lil Mo, R. Kelly/Jay Z, Beatnuts, Snoop, Ludicris and much more!!!

3/24/01 - Memento is a name of this dope flick a peeped last night -  It WAS ILL!!!!! Y'all should go see it. Don't read any reviews, just go peep it. SNICKA said so.

3/22//01 - sorry for the lack of updates, i'm workin on some original SNICKA Remixes for #36 which is coming soon.....hold tight.....

3/16/01 - Shouldn't Puff be on the remix to Jay Z's "Not Guilty?"

more Q's

3/9/01 - 4 years ago today, we lost the greatest......


***SNICKA's tribute to BIG featured on today.

3/7/01 -Midas takes a stab at Some Q's

3/5/01 - The month of March finds SNICKA in good company:

Kool DJ Red Alert, DJ Lord Sear, Alchemist, Royce the 5'9, DJ Macapuno, DJ Shok, Drag-On.........peep Events

3/4/01 - Blizzard Alert: It's snowing. tonite's event at Jet Lounge is cancelled...see you next week @ Sabotage Sundays

3/2/01 - Today you shall look at Some Q's

3/1/01 - Operation: Sabotage

2/28/01 - Memph Bleek Review

2/23/01 - We up in Buffalo tonite!!! Get Ready!!!

Can't decide whether to pick up that Snoop? Peep the Review.

2/22/01 - Some Q's

2/21/01 - Happy Birthday WodaySyrup

2/20/01 - What exactly is the Underground?

2/17/01 - Boston!!! SNICKA is in your town tonite!!! Peep Events.

2/6/01 - Finally!!! Some new audio!!! Check out this new Missy track - it's off da meat rack!!!! (F.Y.E.)

1/28/01 - SNICKA may actually be makin this DJing thing a habit.....peep the Events listings for February.

1/26/01 - The Return??? My man Ragin Tosh analyzes The Wu's latest effort: The W

1/19/01 - And It Don't STOP!!!!!! - SNICKA 35 All The Way Live - quite possibly my best work to date........

1/18/01 - What??? SNICKA makin a public appearance??? Peep Events.

1/15/01 - Midas' Top 9 of ALL TIME!!!

1/12/01 - Have you looked at Some Q's  lately? Have you???

1/8/01 - Are you sleepin on Talib Kweli & Hi Tek???

1/7/01 - Puff has gone back to straight jackin....peep the Emotional Remix by Carl Thomas & Faith.....

what beat did they jack?? here's a hint: "yo this esco, who dis?"

1/2/01 - Midas hits you off with his review of Xzibit's newest offering: Restless.

01/01/01 - Happy New Millennium!!!!

12/31/00 - Peep the SNICKA Remix to Just Friends by Musiq in F.Y.E.

12/29/00 - Some Q's (hehehe)

12/25/00 - Is That Yo Chick??? By request in F.Y.E

12/20/00 - New Improved has launched!!!

F.Y.E is filled with all the new bangin tracks....

SNICKA #34 is the blazin new mix CD....

Peep the review of Prodigy's HNIC by Midas....

And check out the suttle humor of Some Q's

Sleepin on the De La Album??? Here's your chance to win a Free Copy.

Also Happy Birthday to my lil sis aka Princess (yeah right!)

Hope y'all like the new site......




Blue Magic


Showtime Part 2


It's Showtime!


SNICKA's Tribute to B.I.G.


Biggie Blendz 2007




SNICKA - Heat Rock



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Show Me What You Got


Sicker Than Your Average

Deja Vu




So Sick

The Commission

Spit Your Game

We Gets Busy

Fly With Me



18 Biggie joints remixed by SNICKA

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The Kanye joints you haven't heard



SNICKA presents The S. Carter Collection Mixtape Part 2



The entire Black Album remixed by SNICKA
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SNICKA #43 - Blackout







There's Something About Mary...







SNICKA #41 - The Freestyle Collection











SNICKA #39 - L.I.F.E.






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Nas vs. Jay Z
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Midas' Top 9 of ALL TIME!!!